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About Us


Sakti Rising is an ethical and luxury yoga lifestyle label that honors the Divine Feminine in every individual. We take an elevated approach to apparel, accessories, and experiences, bringing the practice of yoga well beyond the mat.
Behind every piece is a thriving community of people uplifting one another, as we come together to uplift the world. 
Together we RISE.




Sakti Rising traces its roots to the Divine Feminine. Honoring her role as the creator, preserver, and destroyer of the universe, we restore balance through a brand that puts people and planet first. 
We look to the Hindu and Tantric Goddesses as the ultimate inspiration for the modern yogini. Every Sakti Rising product is an invitation to embody the Goddess’ dynamism and compassion in practice and in life.



Sakti Rising rewrites the story of the yoga uniform. In place of the uninspired apparel that pervades the market, we design radiant garments and accessories that reflect the reverence we feel for yoga.
We draw inspiration from South Asian traditions, reimagining the garments with a timeless and natural feel. Our designs take on elegant, ever-flattering silhouettes that elevate every woman, embracing every age, body shape, and skin color.



Our designs are brought to life by Balinese artisans who are uplifted through an ethical and transparent partnership that respects their immense value. 

In addition, our partners share our commitment to eco-friendly production. From luscious, organic fabrics to all-natural dyes, all of our products are crafted with care for the environment.

Meet our talented artisans here



Our mission to evoke the Divine Feminine comes full circle through our Redistributing Abundance initiative. We give back 5% of all sales to trusted organizations who provide comprehensive care and opportunities to underserved women and children around the world. 
Empowered women and children are the most capable of making a difference in the world. By eliminating burdens in their lives, we make way for blessings and abundance to come through.
Sakti Rising co-founders Natalie Backman and Vero Marie Dorsch


Veronique “V” Dorsch and Natalie Backman met sitting on the floor of a bamboo shala in Bali while preparing for an intensive training with Yogarupa Rod Stryker. The moment they met, they each recognized in the other a lifelong friend and sister in the Tradition.  
Their instant connection blossomed into a rare sisterhood. Over the weeks that followed, V and Natalie spent their free time practicing, dreaming, and exploring together. Through their adventures, they uncovered a shared pursuit for elegant and ethical yoga wear that embodied their dedication to the Tantric Yoga tradition. Thus, Sakti Rising was born.
Created out of a mutual passion for beauty, social and environmental justice, and reverence for the Yoga Tradition and the Divine Feminine, Sakti Rising is a manifestation of everything they hold dear.



It is an expression of our devotion to the Tantric Yoga Tradition, and a way to shine light on the culture which birthed, fostered, and preserved Tantra and yoga to share with the rest of the world. 
It is a means for generating the resources we need to fulfill our lives' purpose. It is an opportunity to draw awareness to the Goddesses of the Tradition and inspire reverence for the Divine. 
It is a vehicle for raising consciousness around social and environmental justice, and having a tangible positive impact in the lives of underprivileged people around the world. 
And it is a chance to shift the collective away from competition to collaboration; to uplift ourselves, each other, and together—the entire world.  
We invite the Divine to express Herself through these creations and touch the hearts of all who embody them.  
Thank you for joining us on the path. Together we RISE.
Natalie + V 
Founders of Sakti Rising