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A Guide to Our Sustainable Fabrics

SAKTI RISING garments are made with the health of Mother Earth in mind at all stages. Our fabric yarns are sourced from sustainable, non-toxic sources, and we use only plant-based, non-toxic dyes, all while ensuring durability and the softest, most luxurious touch. 
ORGANIC LINEN is a time-honored, natural fabric derived from flax plants. Flax requires the least amount of pesticides and water for its production, making linen eco-friendly. Our linen garments are tinted with natural, non-toxic dyes, making them fully biodegradable. 
Organic linen is strong, breathable, and moisture-wicking. It can withstand high temperatures, empowering you to be in union with your energy. 
How to take care of organic linen
Linen becomes softer with every wash. To make organic linen last, hand wash using lukewarm water and line-dry in the shade. Wrinkles are part of linen’s unique beauty. If you desire, you may iron or steam linen on low temperature. 

EUCA SATEEN (Tencel™  Lyocell) is composed of natural cellulose fibers extracted from sustainably grown trees. These fibers are produced using a unique closed-loop system that greatly reduces water usage and carbon emissions. A low-impact fabric, Euca Sateen is naturally biodegradable. 

Euca Sateen is durable, moisture-wicking, and gentle on the skin, allowing you to restore harmony and balance within yourself. 
How to take care of Euca Sateen
Gently hand wash with cold water and a mild detergent. Air dry in the shade, as sunlight can cause fading. You may iron or steam on low temperature.

ECOVERO™ (LENZING™ EcoVero™) is a non-polluting, natural, and responsibly sourced viscose fabric. The fibers are made from wood and pulp, which come from certified sustainable and renewable trees sources. EcoVero™ carries the EU Ecolabel, demonstrating the high environmental standards it adheres to.

Lightweight and breathable, EcoVero™ is known for its soft and anti-bacterial properties. Let its gentle feel ease your body as you find your rhythm. 
How to take care of EcoVero™ 
Caring for EcoVero™ is similar to caring for regular viscose. Hand wash using cold or lukewarm water. Do not wring or squeeze. Air dry in the shade, as sunlight can cause fading. Iron the garment inside out while fabric is damp on low temperature or “Silk” setting.

ORGANIC COTTON & COTTON YARN (KNIT) is produced from natural plants and grown without synthetic agricultural chemicals, including additives such as synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Its production enhances our planet’s biodiversity by maintaining healthy soils, as well as providing a safe, non-toxic environment for cotton farmers.

Organic cotton is lightweight and moisture-absorbent, bringing natural comfort to you as you move through your flow (or your day).
How to take care of organic cotton
Hand wash or machine wash on a gentle cycle using cold water. Air dry in the shade, as sunlight can cause fading. Iron or steam on low temperature.