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Behind The Clothes

Behind Sakti Rising is a community of people who lift each other up. We forge close ties with our partners in Bali, who all bring irreplaceable value to our brand and are respectfully compensated for their craftsmanship.

From our pattern-makers to our seamstresses, every artisan is uniquely committed to their craft. We are honored to take you inside their world and show you how Sakti Rising clothes are made.


The journey of our clothes begins with Suci. She leads the atelier who makes all of our garments. Since founding her production company in 2015, she has dedicated herself to nurturing craft workers from different villages in Bali and uplifting them as they hone their unique talents.

Intuitive, compassionate, and powerful, Suci is a Sakti in her own right. We are proud and grateful to grow our brand with her.


Our designs remain as sketches until Kadek, transforms them into a blueprint for clothes making. This is when our designs begin to feel real. He is the visionary pattern maker whose esoteric knowledge in shapes, dimensions, and fabrics impresses us every time anew. Sakti Rising apparel falls and flows beautifully, all thanks to him.

Kadek harbors a deep enthusiasm for his work, which he has described as a form of meditation. Leaning into his own Sakti, he completely embraces the creative nature of working in fashion and uses his gifts to serve people, including his family, his fellow artisans, and his clients.


Another partnership we treasure is that with Candrawati Setyaningsih, or Tya. She manages the company that handcrafts all of our paper products, stationery, and yoga journals. 
Inspired by the Hindu goddess Saraswati, Tya is in her highest place of power when she can unleash her creativity and artistry. True enough, the goddess is embodied through her creations. Tya has shown resourcefulness and compassion as a manager, making efforts to care for the environment, empower women, and support children’s education. 
Working with Tya feels like a gift. She is proof that the more we stand by our values, the more we attract energies and opportunities that support our growth as a brand.
Sakti Rising fabric dye partner Hendra


Crafting ethical and sustainable yoga wear goes beyond using eco-friendly fabrics. That’s why we are grateful to be partners with Hendra. As our fabric dyer, Hendra has been key to our vision of yoga apparel that honors the planet.

Hendra was born and raised in the village of Gianyar. He is the client manager at one of Bali’s biggest all-natural dye companies. But like the many artists in the village he hails from, he’s a unique creative force. He is passionate about the craft of clothes making, and he designs garments and draws patterns whenever he has the chance!

Sharing our deep respect for Mother Earth, Hendra is devoted to the Hindu trinity (Brahma, Wisnu, and Cia), the fertility goddess, Dewi Sri, and the wisdom goddess, Saraswati.