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Together we RISE

"May we walk together, talk together, and understand each other.
Like bright beings joined in right thinking,
may we share our bounty with one another."
~ the Rig Veda

Together we RISE : A Virtual Retreat in the Spirit of Global Community

Retreat Features: Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, a New Moon Circle, Self-Care Rituals, community, connection and more.

We embrace transparency in our pricing:

$200 of each ticket price will go directly to support our sisters and brothers in India, through the organization GiveIndia
$200 goes to our Sakti Rising Scholarship Fund which will benefit people in marginalized communities for participation in yoga teacher trainings and retreats.
$250 Sakti Rising Apparel & Accessories and Gratitude Offering to our Retreat Teachers
Investment: $650
Dates: June 12th & 13th
Times: 6 am - 8 pm pacific time
Live via Zoom
The Retreat will be live via Zoom (details will be sent to attendees via email prior to the event.)  The live event will be recorded and made available for two weeks in its entirety. Select practices and experiences will also remain available for an extended 40-Day Sadhana (dedicated practice), following the last day of the retreat.
Participants will receive a SAKTI RISING Self-Love Package including Organic Floral Bath Salts, Organic Floral Tea, a Jyotishmati Candle, and a Saraswati Journal.
Teachers include: 


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Together We RISE

Together we RISE is an initiative to cultivate, nurture and sustain a global community of dedicated yoga practitioners committed to supporting and uplifting one another. Operating with the belief that collaboration reaps greater reward than competition, we create opportunities to gather in community. We offer our individual gifts into the whole, recognizing that the impact we have together outstretches the impact we have apart.  
Classes, workshops, retreats, events, panels and conscious conversations are a handful of the experiences we will be offering in the true spirit of our business, and our dharma:
Together we RISE